It is now possible to send money to accounts in SBT or Other Banks* using Mobile Number and a 7 digit Number called Mobile Money Identifier (MMID).  


(i) No requirement of registering Payees.

(ii) Instant credit to beneficiary’s account

(iii) Instant SMS to sender and receiver regarding Debit /Credit in their account.

(iv) Account Number sharing with third parties avoided. Only Mobile Number and MMID               required to be informed to the sender for receiving money.

All customers of SBT can receive money using this platform. However, for sending money through IMPS the customer should have Mobile Banking facility.

For receiving funds through IMPS, you have to register your Mobile Number for getting MMID.

How to get MMID?

All SBT customers having mobile banking facility will be issued 7 digit MMID for the primary account registered for Mobile Banking. For linking other accounts, they may visit the Branch and apply for the same by filling up an application form.

Customers not registered for mobile banking can register their mobile number at the nearest State Bank ATM to get MMID for the primary account linked to the ATM card, as described below:

Swipe your Debit Card > Select Mobile Registration> Enter ATM PIN > Select Register for Interbank Mobile Payment Service( IMPS) > enter your mobile number > Confirm

How to transfer money using IMPS?

For customers using application based /WAP based mobile banking

Open the mobile banking application or login to WAP link (

Select Funds Transfer -> Mobile to Mobile Transfer (IMPS)

Enter mobile number of the payee -> enter MMID of the payee -> Enter purpose (optional) ->enter amount -> select account to be debited->Select OK

Enter MPIN, Select Confirm and Send the request

For customers using USSD based mobile banking

choose the IMPS option 7 after successful login and respond as follows:

· Enter the Mobile No of the payee

· Enter the MMID of the payee

· Enter the purpose

· Enter amount

· Enter the MPIN and complete the request

For customers using SMS based mobile banking

Please send the message using the following key words to 9223440000 for making a funds transfer through IMPS.

IMPS<Space>Mobile No<Space> MMID<Space>amount<Space>User ID <Space> MPIN <Space>Purpose (Optional - maximum length 20 Character)


How to retrieve forgotten MMID?

Send the following message

MMID<SPACE>SBT to 9223440000 (For retrieving MMIDs of all accounts) 

MMID<SPACE>SBT<SPACE>Account number to 9223440000 (for retrieving MMID for a particular account)


How to Cancel MMID?

Send the following message

MMIDCANCEL<SPACE>SBT to 9223440000 (For Canceling  MMIDs of all accounts) 

MMIDCANCEL<SPACE>SBT<SPACE>Account number to 9223440000 (for Cancelling MMID for a particular account)

How to Change Mobile Number?

Cancel the MMID first and go for a fresh registration.


(*To get an updated list of Banks participating in IMPS platform, please visit